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Laser technology has been advancing in various fields.
Our research and development in reflection mirrors and masks as a component of instruments using laser beam, has been highly appraised.

Products: Reflection mirrors for instruments using semiconductor laser, Half mirrors, Metal masks for instruments using carbonic acid gas laser, Glass masks for instruments using YAG lasers, Glass mask for instruments using Excimer lasers
Base Substrate: Glass (Quartz, BK7, Pyrex, etc.), Metal (Cu, SUS, etc.)
Surface Process: Metal film coating such as Al, Cr, Cu, Au, etc. Dielectric film coating, Glass etching, Sand Blast, etc.
Patterning Precision pattering by Etching, Lift-off, Glass Etching, Sand Blast
Petterning: Our glass masks have a good reputation in the field of marking on semiconductor packages with YAG laser.

* Outline
Si anisotropic etching is a technique which makes half holes and through holes using the direction of the Si crystal.
For instance, by using anisotropic etching of the Si wafer (1.0.0) type, very precise patterns are made along the crystal direction of 54.7'.
Glass etching is applied in various fields since it is flexible in its selection of materials, work size, etc. though unlike the Si wafer, it has no direction.

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