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* Outline
FPC (Flexible Print Circuit) is a circuit substrate of patterning Cu electrode with Polyimide film as a base.
The application is widely used from 3D wiring to circuit connections to bending parts becuase of its unique property - flexibility. Under such circumstances, it becomes possible to pattern micro precision design onto a film, which was previously thought impossible.

* Structure
[1] Base Film
Material: Polyimide
Thickness: 25um, 50um, etc.
[2] Electrode
Film Type: Cu Sputter Film + Cu plating
Film Thickness: 5um
* Single-side type and double-side type are available
[3] Guard Film of Cu Electrode
Film Type: Ni+Au plating
Film Thickness: any

* Feature
1. Electrode Pattern
Patterning of pitch 50um (line & space = 25/25um) is possible.
Even smaller sizes than 50um, are possible if conditions such as chip size and effective area are suitable.
2. Double-Side Pattern
Using double-sided type film enables us to pattern different kinds of circuits on each side. Furthermore, laser holing and plating technologies enable us to apply through-hole conduction.

* Application
* Computer and peripherals
* Industrial/Communication Equipment
* Appliances
* Medical Equipment
* Others

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