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Bumps are essential for the latest electronic device mount/packaging technology such as CSP, BGA, flip chip, etc. There are Au bumps and solder bumps made through the plating method and stud method. In the plating method, any kind of design is possible, as with using the technique of photolithography. However, due to the long process involved, cost may become a hazard. On the other hand, in the stud method, the cost performance is better though there is limitations in height, form, materials, etc.

* The Process of Making TEG Chip with Bumps by means of Plating Method
  1. Substrate
    Si wafer with heat oxide layer
  2. Al Vapor Deposition
    Electrode pattern
    Al-Si (1%, 2%, 3% and so on)
  3. Al Etching
  4. Passivation Layer Coating
    SiO2, Al2O3, Polyimide
  5. Passivation
  6. Under Barrier Metal (UBM)
    Multi- and single-layered films of Ti, Ni, Au, Cu, W, etc.
  7. Resist Coating for Plating
    Liquefied Resist, Dry Film Resist
  8. Resist Pattering
  9. Electro-plating
    Au, Pb/Sn
  10. Removal of Resist for Plating
  11. UBM Etching
  12. Dicing

* Au Stud Bumps are available

Figure: Stud Bumps

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